B&W: 2011 Single Image

Architecture / Interiors

Covered Bridge by Jan Wolyniak
Emasculation by J. Michael Skags
Untitled by Susan B. Griffith
Barn Roof by Rick Menapace
Untitled by Marcus DeVoe
Climb Up by Marvin Seiger
Flat Iron by Peter Lik
Katrina by Paul McAuliffe
East Wing by Ronald Cooley
White House With Cacti by Burton Diephuis
Incognito by Scott Carlin
Room Cleaning by Jack Delmonte
Into the Mud by Francesco Baudo
Sacred Stones Number 8 by William Obernesser
Pedestrian Bridge by J. G. Coughlan
Alcatraz Number 2 by Blair Foreman
Big Red by Burton Diephuis
The Ceiling South Transept by John Eaton
Homestead by Scott Carlin
Window and Support by Bruce Blum
Archway Ferry Terminal by Richard Tranfaglia
Outhouse by Mitford A. Fontaine
Sunny Side Up by John Wilkins
Stairway to Heaven Construction (Oslo Opera House) by Oleg O. Moiseyenko
Lone Palm by Burton Diephuis
Outer Drive Bridge by Edward Miller
Huber Breaker 4 by Michael Mirabito
Forgotten Room by Sara Mortimer
Shades of the Past by Mary Woodman
Shade by John Huffman
Museum #2 by Mary Woodman
Muir McDonald Tannery 4 by Michael D. Frey
Muir McDonald Tannery 3 by Michael D. Frey
Hoover Dam Number 11 by Blair Foreman