B&W: 2022 Portfolio

Flowers / Plants / Fruits

zinia by Gerald Dietrick
Contortion by Susan Annable
Wired by Debbie  L. Rubin
Once In A Hundred Years 9 by Margrieta Jeltema
Many Fern Leaves by Laszlo Perlaky
Desert Boulders 9 by Steve Burkett
Labyrinth by Charles Allen Haynes
Saguaro Skeleton with Curls by Jo Kubran
Ballet by Beamie Young
Flowering Aloe by Marc Sheridan
Three Blooms by John Rodrigues
The First Light of Spring by Jeremy Beckman
Hammonasset 2 by Elin Dolle
Lotus 7 by Leonard Hellerman
Flower 10 by Lau Haaning
Victoria Agave 2 by Jay Bergman
Lotus 2 by Lisa Haun
A memory of trees #37 by Rick Menapace
Calla Lily 6 by Bob Neiman
Shroud by Mike Eubanks
Sunflower No. 9 by Gerald Pisarzowski
Cactus Flower 1 by Ilene Bandringa
Calla Contours by George Loustalet
Goat's- Head  Seed by Stan Kuran
Home Project nr 02 by Arvid  Fimrette
In Death There Is Beauty 7 by Warren Agee
Fiddleheads 2 by Joe Sack
Cotton by Brandon Ralph
Chrysanthemum by Donald Bolak
When The Sun Comes by Melissa McCluskey Carlson
Fall light by Tyler Smith
Birch by GFDS
Lily Pads and Reeds in Morning by David Gray
Bles Park by Geoffrey Brown
Dreams Forest by Mauricio Arango
Branch & Buttes by Phoenix Kanada
Which Way by Tom Sliter
Palm in the sun by Shlomo Nezer
Weeping Beauty by Jan Yarborough