B&W: 2022 Single Image

Pattern / Texture

Exultation by Richard Dweck
Marching Toward the Light by Lynne Mass
Floating by Gwen Solomon
Waterjug Study #3 by Kay Beausoleil
Escher's Garage by William West
X It by Marilyn Baldi
Rowe's Wharf by David Klegon
Ode To Georgia by David Cohen
Amoebas by Beamie Young
Nerwaygo Rail Yard Michigan by David Moenkhaus
The Outer Limits (working title) by Kimberly Schneider
Rivulets by Robert Finkelhor
Electric Petals by David Cohen
Waves and Lines by Lynne Mass
Porcupine by Robert Daum
Prickly Pear Contrasts by Robert Finkelhor
Untitled 1 by Saba Anoushahpour
Windows by William West
Plankton Shake by Vicki Sarris
Going Under by Dennis Usdan
Brittles by Vicki Sarris
Crunch by Dennis Usdan
Night Geometry by Marilyn Baldi
Twinkle by Trotter Hardy
Paper and Metal Construction by William West
A Dream About the Sun by Jeremy Beckman
Sand Pattern #1 by Don Jacobson
Time Tunnel by Judy King
Through by Dennis Usdan
Stacked Flower Pots by William West
Fractured Eden by Robert Finkelhor
4-2-2-4-4 by John Diephouse
Hardrock Guitar Hotel by Debbie Kestenberg
Brittle by Vicki Sarris
Untitled #4 by Peter Madero III
Duality by Marlene Mendez
Mel's Glass by Lynne Mass
Lyrical Curves by Marlene Mendez
Wild Grasses by Robert Finkelhor
Julie Penrose Fountain by Misha Gregory Macaw
Distortion by Marilyn Baldi
Pond Ice Reflections by Robert Finkelhor
Sunset by Richard Dweck
Cinematic by Jeremy Beckman
Rowe's Wharf Dream by David Klegon
Sand Pattern #2 by Don Jacobson
Up by David Cohen
Figuratives by Pat Willard
Untitled 1 by Cris Constantinescu
Curvilinear by Marilyn Baldi