B&W: 2010 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Hallelujah by Eva Timothy
Around the Bend by Isa Leshko
Play Series by Germaine Williams
Clothesline 3 by John Petersen
001 by Jane A. Spencer
Rollercoaster #10 by Janos K. Lanyi
Fork N' Cork by Daniel Man
1947 by Gregory Collins
Cloud Convergence by Steven J. Epstein
Antiquitus - Old Money by Larry Ikon
Yuengling Lager by Michael D. Conway
Captivity & Pleasure #2 by Gary Bankzmer
Boardwalk by Lester A. Garcia
Cadilac by Randy Deerdoff
Barbie Rave by Michael Penn
Master Carver by Julie Solberg
For Rent by Mason Lancaster
Untitled 4 by Dustin R. DuFault
Best Friend in Heaven by Bonnie Slack
Disconnection by Bogdan Brydak
Statement of Existance - Variations on Shadow No.3 by Elif Levent
Broken by Darren McAbee
Mirror Face 1 by Bernt C. Skottun
Anybody Home by Stephen J. Patience
Americana #1 by Dominic Greco
Boat Pumps by Mark McCoy
5 Butts On A Curb by Dave Sova
Cigar by Orlin Nedkov
Airstream by Bob Trancho
Boise by Fred Stillings
29cents by Mark Gubin
36000 by Thomas Hanson
Chair in Fog by Kathleen Nathan
Abandoned Saab and Volvo by Winston Conway Link
Forks by Ilja Ignasovs
Steel Life Study #1 by Benny Asrul
Anderson by Anthony A. Laswon
Old Jewish Cemetery 1 by Ilya Genin
Untitled 01d by Chuck Kimmerle
Barber Shop by Warren Goehring
Bryant Park Rain by Lee Hruska
Cat Smile by Allan R. Lamb
Dongguan 2 by Ludo Leideritz
Stairway with High Heels by Joseph Ruesing
Cone Shell by Jon Boring
Fishing Baskets by Daniela Vavrova
Greenhouse 06 by Sophia Koopman
Alley by Tom Peterson
ADM Building by Ami Janson
Paper by Jason Nichols