B&W: 2010 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Seashell by Mark Goff
Untitled 1 by Sylvain Deleu
Alcatraz by Edmond L. Bridant
Contemplating Time by David S. Ullman
Egyption Tablet by Steven Stewart
BigTex by Chip VanPelt
Bowls for Sale by Tom and Mari Green
Cliff Swallows Nests by Ed Perkins
AmericanI ron Horse by Matthew Williamson
Cauldron by Carl Davis
Irvington Road by Jess Gore
Abandon by Matthew Mirarchi
Street #1 by Steve E. Chapman
American Hotel by Jim Shoemaker
Bridge by Malcolm L. Edwards
Untitled 5 by Joubeen Mireskandari
Untitled 1 by Michael Mayer
Angle in Parking by Steve Ellier Chapman
Untitled by Jay Watkins
The Eternal #1 by Pavlos Karalis
Abandoned Interior by Elizabeth Byrd
Black Tarp by RW Hawkins
Camel Cigarettes by Debbie Vinci
Path by Lonnie Landrey
Holy Water by Paul Anthony Melhado
Blueridge by Lorien Denny
Sink #1 by Edwin George Close II
Alone with Nature 1 by Nezrin Batiyeva
Abandoned House on Des Moines Memorial Drive I by Peter V. Borboa
Baby Doll by Gordon Risk
Creamery by Shawn Leer
Beyond The Playground by Nancy L. Merkling
Eras End 1 by Michael R. Stimola
Aircraft Salvage 5 by Thomas G. Hocker