B&W: 2021 Portfolio

Flowers / Plants / Fruits

Falling Orchids by Gregory Talley
Flower Portrait - Hibiscus by Scott Pollock
Cyclamen by Don Rice
Ribs by Beamie Young
Floaters by Debbie L. Rubin
Tulip Noir by Kay Beausoleil
Orchid by Hillary Greene-Pae
Petal Shade by David Cohen
Winter Sky by Jack Jex
Calla Lily 10 by KimLien Dang
Summer in the Woods of Lilies (il Bosco dei Gigli) 2 by Margrieta Jeltema
Milkweed by Richard Karp
CP Flowers by James Manfredonia
Sand Flower by George R. Lewis
Orchid #5 by John Siskin
Spring Ephemerals by Tom Croce
Connection by Gregory Hom
Cattail by Sherry Garay
Queen Anne's Lace by Mike Eubanks
Flower by Daria Troitskaia
Resting White Butterfly by Garry Gay, garry-gay
Ascent by Alan Lemire
Insomnia 07 by Kim Wontaek
Dahlia #11 by Perry J Resnick
Wither with You by Jesse Farrah
Oenothera by Rima Virbauskaite
Enfolded by Jacqui Turner
Espiral by Beatriz Martinez