One of us has to go, and it's not me by Richard Chirichillo
2x Spiral Staircase #72 by Tony Williams
Horses Six by Jennifer Beser
Boxed In by Steve Levinson
Secret Squirrel by Dwayne Daley
Solitary Horse by William R. West, Jr.
Cat on Mat by Sophie Mosimann
White Face Monkey by Hillary Greene-Pae
Hey Bud by Jack Jex
Osprey2 by John Gribbin
Gray Crowned Crane by Barbara Collister
Alone #1 by Guy Llewellyn
Dolly on Haywire Farm by Richard Karp
Bird in the Marsh by Ira Dwoskin
Lion King by Christopher Behrend
Lone Steer by Douglas Carr Cunningham
Cow in Fog by Richard Spang
Out On The Range by Lisa Miller
Three little birds by Federica Vecchi
Snowball & Snowwall by Scott Brock
Burros by John Siskin
Sand Pipers by Tom Croce
Ready to Jump by Harold Tearse
Dockside Images VII by Willow Brown
Arctic Tern by Delbert LaRue
Horse 3 by Tatsuro Nishimura
Vuelo Alto by Beatriz Martinez
Untitled 9 by Don Ketchel
Seals by Todd Gipstein
If Crows Were People They Would Ride Motor Cycles Image 9 by Richard Schick
Zoo 6 by Jung Guhyun
Train 8 by Suzanne Roland
Rhesus Monkey by Mark Ferguson
Spay by Mark Taylor
Cow and Hydrant by James Esten