Lobster Shack by Kenneth Tyson
Peat Man by Pamela Walter
Ali in Thought by William R. West
Speakers Corner 4 by Bob Bader
Park Bench by Boris Keller
Jerry Brown by Tom Vani
Dione Warwick by William R. West
Resignation by Bill Dixon
Coal Miners by Warren Brunner
Boardwalk Movie Maker by William R. West
Daddy Time by Mary Catherine Scherf
Knife Traders by Warren Brunner
Alte Frau by E. G. Coyle
Loire River by Pamela Walter
Checkpoint Charlie by Bob Bader
LockUp by Otto B. Scherf
Mood by William R. West
Parakeets by Tom Vani
Ghost by Bill Dixon
Speakers Corner 2 by Bob Bader
Silhouettes by Hank Webber
76ers Toss Up by William R. West
Doomed by Pamela Walter
Cold Melons for Sale by Warren Brunner
Golden Gate Bridge by Maureen J Haldeman
Tug McGraw Base Brawl by William R. West
Bohemian Club by William Bullard
Boardwalk Ride by William R. West
Prayers by Pamela Walter
Potty Princess by Otto B. Scherf
Music for Mamma by Warren Brunner
59th Street Bridge by Jeff Rothstein
Summer Shade by Jo Kubran
Caper Bush by Pamela Walter
Dragstrip by Jay King
Fresh Air by Mary Catherine Scherf
Rachel and Her Great Grandmother by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Glass by William R. West
Fog by Pamela Walter
Bob by Stephen Bitel
Trunk Meeting by Mary Catherine Scherf
Religious Procession by William R. West
Boys on Bikes by Jay King
Down in the Dumps by William R. West
Bull Ring by Bob Bader
Flyers Breakaway Goal by William R. West
Wash Day by Warren Brunner
Two Boys in Macau 1964 by Robert Blum
Refugees by William Bullard
Brother and Sister by William R. West