Club Picnic by Otto B. Scherf
Shea Stadium by Jeff Rothstein
Untitled by Myron Slabaugh
A Park by Jo Kubran
Got Milk by Warren Brunner
Therm-O-Ware #1 by William Bullard
Pastry Princess 1 by Otto B. Scherf
College by Gregory Collins
Rachel and her Favorite Mummy by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Speakers Corner 1 by Bob Bader
Man with Cane by William R. West
Speakers Corner 3 by Bob Bader
My First Selfie by Arthur Ammann
Cooling Off by Myron Slabaugh
Swimming Hole by William Bullard
Story time when Aspen was called Ute City by Patti Triba Jordan
Old Man and Cat by Jim Lustenader
Place de la République by William Bullard
Bob Hope's Final Asian Tour by Douglas Carr Cunningham
Street Scene Macau 1964 by Robert Blum
Marisabel Hotel Stella by William Bullard
Man on Museum Bench by Charles Crain
Salesmen by Duane Straight
Grandma Rose and Fidelberg Sisters by Lynne Mass
Erin Go Bragh by John Custodio
Barb and Nancy by Matthew DeZee
Citroen by Pamela Walter
Road Trip by Steven Taddei
Demolition of Terraces 2 by Jim Harris
Great great great Gandfather by Lynne Mass
Along the Seine 1 by Howard Shapiro
Eyes on Her by Myron Slabaugh
City Playground by Myron Slabaugh
Eschers Wall by William R. West
Washington for Jesus II by Karen Sanabria
Appalachian Family by Warren Brunner
Willie Stargell Home Run by William R. West
One Room School by Warren Brunner
Porche Assembly Line by Bob Bader
Fisherman and Friend by Jim Lustenader
Polka Dot Realm by William R. West
Double A Sunrise by William R. West
Sarge and Company by Gregory Stringfield
Faith Festival by Steven Taddei
Uncle Paul and Aunt B by William Bullard
Lotus Buds by Pamela Walter
Family by Gregory Stringfield
Boy with Dog by William R. West
Anti-war Activist Tom Hayden by Douglas Carr Cunningham
Washington for Jesus III by Karen Sanabria