B&W: 2020 Single Image

Music / Sports / Dance

Danny Jordan by Ken Franckling
Wrestlemania Bulldog Brower vs Chief Jay Strongbow by William R. West, Jr.
Chaps by Dennis Fritsche
Beautiful Music by John Hildebrand
Racing by Lu Zhang
Ridin' Like the Wind by Elizabeth Milward
The Flamenco's Dancer Shawl by Timothy Needham
Spring Skier by Joe Sack
9 Drummers by William Bullard
A Dancer in Inhotim II by Sonia Braga
Parade Grand Marshal by David Patria
Pursuit #3 by Saman Majd
Ride 'Em by Sanford Davis
Ballet in the Desert by David Ruderman
Street Musician by Lawrence Silverman
Morris Dancers by Rick Menapace
Sax Man by Baz Hunt
Three Muses by John Hildebrand
The Flamenco's Dancer by Timothy Needham
Indian Larry Memorial Show by Gary Matson
Watching by Dennis Fritsche
Runner by Alan Hart
Men of the Land by Grace Ho Pui Wan
The Old Saxophone Player by Barry H. Rosof
A Dancer in Inhotim I by Sonia Braga
Backyard Stroll by Mike-David Bliss
Shadow Dance by Saman Majd
Havana by David Patria
Perilous Ride by William R. West, Jr.
Motion on to the Vault by Martin I. Boyer
Swimmer by Walter Alberto Mitt Schause
Flying or Dancing by Edyta Kielian
Track Cycling Race by Rick Menapace
Solo Duet by Jo Fields