Untitled 2 by Timothy Floyd
At the Circus by Michael Philip Manheim
Playing Dad by Michael Parvin
Man in Rain by Jay King
Clara by Anthony Guidone
Bonnie Dobson by Walter Pinkus
Grim Reaper by Timothy Floyd
Gary by Timothy Floyd
St Anthony of Padua by Arthur Ammann
Couple by Arthur Ammann
“GERMANIA ANNO ZERO” by Roberto Rossellini by John R. Pepper
Feeding Time Grant Park by John Galbreath
Idon's Curtain by Leland Bryant
The Gang by Karen Sanabria
Campaigner in 1960 by Michael Philip Manheim
If Looks Could Kill by Myron Slabaugh
Curiosity by Jim Lustenader
National Guard Assault Through Tear Gas by Robert Jensen
Sculpted Door by Jack Feder
Ann Arbor Blues Festival by Norm Snyder
Man under Westside Highway by Jack Feder
Woman in Window by Jack Feder
Falling Angels by Joe Infascelli
The Wait by Robert Jensen
Jewelry Man by Mati Maldre
No Swimming by Dennis Staffne
Rowboats by Donna Preis-Siede
Beach Beauty by Otto B. Scherf
Untitled #1 by Jay King
Chess by Jim Lustenader
Fins in the Fifties by Michael Philip Manheim
Shea Stadium by Jeff Rothstein
Greg on Observation Tower by Timothy Floyd
Balloon Girl by Dennis Staffne
Tea Girl by David Ruderman
Washington Square Park by Jeff Rothstein
V-J Day by Leonard Hellerman
“RISO AMARO” by Giuseppe De Santis by John R. Pepper
Brighton by Ilene Eber
Man and Pidgeon by Jim Lustenader
Overcast Mundelein by Arlene Vidor
Museum Ladies by Dennis Staffne
Delight by Mitchell Walker Jr
Dancers by Norm Snyder
Donna by Anthony Guidone
Friends by Ilene Eber
Fishing for Dinner by Kathy Triolo
Pluto by Myron Slabaugh
Balloon Girl by Mati Maldre