Leaves on Rock by John Rod Rodrigues
Quiet Spaces #2 by Kathy Conway
Gaudi 2 by Arlene Vidor
Dead Cars by Jennifer Beser
Shoes by Maz Ghani
City of Lights by Rafael De la Garza
Take a Seat by Medina Isbell
The Pier by John Rod Rodrigues
Indise out by Wendy Verity
Quiet Spaces #7 by Kathy Conway
Olivia by Adrian Tirteu
The Gossamer Threads of Dreams by Wendi Schneider
The Shining by Medina Isbell
Floating by Mitchell Walker Jr
Sunflower by Maz Ghani
Muse II by Ingrid Wessel Bernal
Nature Harmony by Alicja Gubala
Untitled by Cheryl Slechta
Bridge by Carlos Caruso
The Watchers by Annette Willis
For Olivia by Ilene Eber
Amphitheatrum Flavium by Rafael De la Garza
Black Church at Budir by Rafael De la Garza
Wooden Bridge by Gene Dominique
Rose by Maz Ghani
Outside in by Wendy Verity
Lifted High by Mark Everett Sanders
Jazzy Shoes by Joanne Scherf
Reflexes by Carlos Caruso
Indian Wells Hotel Architecture by Jerome H. Kay
Hand Cart by Jerome H. Kay
Grenfell at Noon by Annette Willis
Dune Dreams by Melissa Falen
Quiet Spaces #6 by Kathy Conway