B&W: 2020 Portfolio

Architecture / Interiors

Metropolitan Museum of Art by Joseph Constantino
NYC upwards 11 by Sylvestre Machado
Alienation #1 by Shinya Ichikawa
The Vessel 10 by Peter Willemse
Manhattan 3 by Eduardo Garcia
Buttresses by Daniele Regis
Ellipse 5 by Rob Haff
Material Talk 4 by Mio Akashi
Homage to M.C. Echer by Paul Kister
Structure by Nacho Garces
Stairway to Heaven by Budd Parker
Ft Peck Dam Spillway by Clint Whitmer
Stairway To Justice by J. Reagan Ferguson
Kimmel Center by Vira M. Sivachuk
CCNY by Frank Villafane
Red Farm Buildings by William West Jr.
Conservatory Back Door by Jay Bergman
Fog by Fred Carter
Untitled10 by Beatriz Martinez
Brooklyn Bridge Impression by Jack Daulton
Curves 5 by Christos Markou
John Hancock by Kenny Loubeau
Milking Parlor by Gary Beeber
Pointed by Gigi Chung
Draper Corporation Mill 2 by James Hunt