Instant Distractions 1 by Roberto Frieri
Selfie-My Filling by David Pantuso
Nest Island by Natascha Auenhammer
Deishi Shibuya by Mark Ferguson
Yucca by David Chui
Relic by Bob Ashley
Icy Morning by Art Braitman
Yunhai by Larry Chan
Sólheimasandur by Lu Zhang
Trash Can by Michael Stoklos
Woodbine by Larry Chan
Cosby Protest by Art Braitman
Evil Eyes by Carol MacLeod
Set Up by David Pellegrini
Intransitive by Chris Swanson
Hanger by Lou Fischer
Doll's Pompadour by Carol MacLeod
J Muller and Sons Opticians by Gene Dominique
Statue in the Park by Nelson Wenguer
Arch by David Chui
Fashion God #2 by John Diephouse
Waiting for No One by David Ingraham
Mission Espada by Bob Ashley
Three Figures at Midnight by Jim McKinniss
Mannequin-3 by Saman Majd
3 by Cheryl Slechta
Untitled by Moon S. Yang
Beach Strollin by Lynne Mass
Zoapan Cowboy by Mark Ferguson
Flight of Ice Cream by Gary Driggs
Kinda Creepy Doll by Carol MacLeod
En Route to Nowhere by Herminio Alberti
Architecture House by Jose Paulo Andrade
Girls by Michelangelo Viterbo
Bowtie by John Diephouse
On the Inside by David Ingraham
Rain in Cape Town by Gene Dominique
Magnolia 2 by David Chui
Untitled by Larry Chan
Riverside by Nelson Wenguer
Hand by Mark Ferguson
Old Snow 03 by Marc Nolin