Untitiled by SMART Tebani Slade
LA Showers by David Ingraham
Sakura by Larry Chan
Tree Reflections by Cheryl Slechta
Convention Center by Gary Driggs
Morning Meditation by Kathy Conway
Guggenheim Museum by Tim Harris Jr.
One Eyed Baby Doll by Carol MacLeod
Reflections of Life by Herminio Alberti
Untitled 1 by Angela Casagrande
Sunset After Storms by Mark Balcom-Wolf
Old Snow 02 by Marc Nolin
Bunker by Lou Fischer
Abandoned Bunker by Lou Fischer
Reality by Herminio Alberti
Early Morning on the Ganges by Bob Ashley
Untitled 2 by Angela Casagrande
Magnolia 1 by David Chui
Foreshore Freeway Bridge by Gene Dominique
Big Tree Bigger Dreams by Mike-David Bliss
Morning Joe by Kathy Conway
Old Airstream by Bob Ashley
Dizzy Dots by Kathy Conway
Idiom by Chris Swanson
Mannequin-5 by Saman Majd
Oregon History Museum by Gary Driggs
There is Not Place Else for Planing by Herminio Alberti
Vestige by Moon S. Yang
Not My Granny by Carol MacLeod
Mes Neveux by Mike-David Bliss
Fremont Bridge by David Chui
Skogafoss by Lu Zhang
Still Life by Cheryl Slechta
Human Envy by Art Braitman
Brittany by David Chui
Bee by David Chui
Chilly Bowl by Art Braitman
Walking Home by David Chui
Billboard by Larry Chan
Catchment by David Chui
Donkey Race by Michelangelo Viterbo
Forest Fairy by Vladimir Kabelik
Selfie-My Filling 3 by David Pantuso
Delhaize 1 by Francis Elsocht
Iron Man by Herminio Alberti
Puppies by Michelangelo Viterbo
Fig Leave by David Chui
Pier 38 by Larry Chan
Tangerines by David Pellegrini
Cruise Terminal by Jose Paulo Andrade