Archways by Tom Kirkendall
Untitled by Steve Rees
Smile by Steven Taddei
Pacific Coast 1 by Martin Ludl
Liturgical Dancing by Myles Gallagher
Holga Camera by Enrique Miramontes
Portrait without a Face 4 beginning by Chris Byrnes
Parking Lot by T. Brian Hager
Weatlake Crossing by Tom Kirkendall
Beauty  Outside Hunter Museum by Bill Lund
Power Plant by David Pellegrini
Coxo Crossing by Gregory Monroe
Gate by T. Brian Hager
Raft by Richard Bonvissuto
Untitled 3 by Carl Hurens
Child's Doorway Georgetown Washington by Leslie Hanes
Motel by T. Brian Hager
Harvest Gathering by Martin Ludl
Sky - Vacancy by Robert Voorhees Jr.
Portrait without a Face 1 by Chris Byrnes
Siol City by Richard Bonvissuto
Ignoring Rembrandt by Steve Rees
Apartments by Tom Kirkendall
Train by Richard Bonvissuto
Volenteer Park by Tom Kirkendall
Le Village Des Bories by Cheryl Slechta
Li'l Bounty by David Pellegrini
Untitled 1 by James Reynolds
Battle for Earth by Steven Taddei
Lake Union by Tom Kirkendall
At First Sight by Ellen Davis
Fallen Leaves by Steven Taddei
Midtown Detroit by Myles Gallagher
Public Market by Tom Kirkendall
Self-Portait by Steven Taddei
Portrait without a Face Number 2 by Chris Byrnes
The Observer's Observer by Julie Mixon
Elliot Bay by Tom Kirkendall
Going Go On by Isabelle Goossens
Floating by Ellen Davis
1947 Chevy for Sale by Gregory Monroe
Billboard by Richard Bonvissuto
Abandoned Farmhouse by David Pellegrini
Composition by Cheryl Slechta
When the Curtain Parts by Leslie Hanes
Entanglement by Wayne Norton
Marena by David Pellegrini