Floral Dichotomy by Barbara Bender
Sidney Opera House by Stephen Hodgetts
Yuma State Prison by Hugh O. Smith
Material Witness 3 by Chuck Nakell
Marina City by Mirko Vincic
Frozen Feathers by Javid Kamali
Steps by Freddy Beltran
Winter Wonderland by Barbara Bender
3 Bands by Maggie Meiners
Wall by Lawrence Hislop
Nine by Steven Sable
Clown Abstract by Lawrence Hamel-Lambert
Styrofoam Surfboard Blank by Christopher Bezamat
Ever Naming #16 by Jessica Lynn
Spring Thaw by Glenn Larsen
Memory Fade #1 by Carl E. Brown
Rivets by Louis Joyner
Stone Formation by Paul Indman
Crazy Quilt Cabin by Susan Stone
Stair Shadow by Terence Lyons
Broken Stones by Ohgo Iwata
Jazz by Weaver C Barksdale
Madrone #3 by Nancy Abens
Darkness is Coming by Jamie Seguino
Ice by Dave Dillahunt
Manhattan Roof by Jean-Pierre Pepin
Frankfurt 3 by Dr. Gary Morgan
Metal Siding by Louis Joyner
Water Series #2 by Greg McMahon
Leaf Impression #19 by Susan B. Griffith
Erosion Patterns by Nathan McCreery
Curved by Jaron Arboleda
Recycle by Sibel Aisha
Delta Museum Wall by John F. Doyle
Through the Garden Fence by Seyda Deligonul
Desert Floor by Errick L. Cameron
Stasis and Flow by Robert Goldstein
Olympics by Adam Laskowski
Sunrise by Jeremy Beckman
Double Duet by Jon Kolkin
Bristle Cone by Randy Harr
Penstock by Louis Joyner
Ice Study 1 by Michael A. McCullough
Rock Wall by Nancy Abens
Ore Dock by John Diephouse
Weathered - Liberty State Park by Jaron Arboleda
Glass by Farley Verner
Swirl Rock by Lawrence Hamel-Lambert
La Defence 2 by Dr. Gary Morgan
Rock by Tiziano Micci