B&W: 2009 Single Image

Metaphor / Abstract

Micro Worlds 1 by Andrew Ilachinski
Khan Relief by John R. Ziemba
Image #8 by Joy Goldkind
Shadow in Moving Water by William S. Pierson
Cosmos 5 by Noubo Iida
Eee by Julio Hardy
Untitled 16 by Ernie McDaniel
Wall by Carl E. Brown
Dead Man by Erich Hoeber
Hephaestus by Charles Albert Huckins
Untitled 3 by David King
Ghost Train by Grayson Dere
Contemplation by Larry E. Jones
SL76 by Gregory Talley
Sheet Metal Buffings by Cole Thompson
Triumph #4 by Fred Dickinson
Nautilus by Eric Metzler
Intruders by Juan Pablo Cheret
Weeds by Lawrence Hislop
A Day For All Suns to Rise by Christian Bradley West
Cosmos 4 by Noubo Iida
Untitled 2 by Peter Prusinowski
Discarded Information by Adrian Roland Davis
Body in the Wood by Magnus Karlson
Visitors by Paul O'Brien
Untitled #1 by JW Johnston
Courrir apres le Temps by Remi Dussault
Wrestling With Demons by Susan Stone
Peeking Through by Jan Altes
Dreamscape by Bernice Williams
Offerings by John R. Ziemba
Wall Street by Christopher Bezamat
Micro Worlds 2 by Andrew Ilachinski
In by Larry Torno