B&W: 2009 Single Image

Metaphor / Abstract

Untitled 12 by Jeffrey Tamkin
Lost Horizon 8 by Bill T. Saul
Cosmos 1 by Noubo Iida
Visions of Sunset at Dawn by Patricia Lay-Dorsey
Untitled by Daniel DeLong
Judgment by Bill Vaccaro
Abstract Curve & Circles 3 by Joshua Myers
Untitled 4 by Peter Prusinowski
Headhunted by Dave Dillahunt
DC 6 by Cheryl Shepard
Homage to Minor White by William S. Pierson
Mall Roof by Julio Hardy
Abstract 20 by Joshua Myers
Footprints in Sand by Joseph Barnett
Newspaper In Window by Joseph Barnett
Past Time by Cesar Gomezperalta
Waterway Reflection by William S. Pierson
Encounter at Whitney Point Lake by JW Johnston
Untitled 1 by George Messaritakis
Learning To Exhale by Susan Stone
Pourde River Spillway Detail No. 13 by Cole Thompson
Landfill Sculpture by Larry E. Jones
Lights by Julio Hardy
Gondola Reflection by Hakan Strand
Shadows by Mirko Vincic
Underground Chic by John Gribbin
Me and My Shadow by KJ Byrd
Abstract 2 by Julio Hardy
Me and The Man in The Moon by Sharon Kalstek
Tearful Confession by Tootie Nienow
Ever Naming # 14 by Jessica Lynn
Leaving by Lori Crewe
Wood Thumb by Charles Grogg
F#@K Censorship by Kip Folker