B&W: 2009 Single Image

Architecture / Interiors

Taliesen Shadows by Daryl J. Metzger
Solitude by Mary Baker
The Cross by Alejandro Suarez
Back in Haifa by Itzhaky Aviv
The Old Barn by Oystein Franck-Nielsen
The Old House #1 by Roman Levin
Anaconda 02 by Kevin Schwarte
Stairs by S. Paul
Platz 1 by Randall Howlett
Rubble by Jenny Arevalo
Musee d'Orsay by Anne Randolph von Kuhn
House and Trees. Cuervo NM. 2008 by Marj Green
Abandoned by Karen Carson
Stairs by Lora Sfeir
Ghent Church by Ronald Lloyd
Stairs by Dragan Sandic
Spirit and Light by Andrew Ilachinski
The Inner Sanctum by Jamie Seguino
Kiva by Lee Manning
Bridge Construction by Jan Jaster
Arch in Sunlight by John R. Ziemba
Interior with Lamp by Lawrence Hamel-Lambert
Disney Stairs by Charles F. Mason
Roof #1 by Christopher Alzapiedi
Gardeners Shack by Robert J. Quinn
Untitled #3 by Scott Clarke
A Pair of Racks by Susan Stone
Guggenheim 2 by Charles F. Mason
The View from Below by Ingrid Susanto
e-Louvre by Manuel Vazquez Munoz
Embarcadero Skyscraper by Larry E. Jones
Amtrak Station Noir by Al Morrison
Quad by Jim & Anne Mitchell