Uzzi by Ron Cooper
Aussie Worker by Mary F. Ruppert
Prof. Canché and His First Wife by Les Slesnick
I Need An Umbrella by Kate Sutton
Cuban Smiling Woman by Ira Serkes
Frida Kahlo Doppelganger by Dennis Wickes
Adjustment by Mark Ferguson
Giving Back-Haircuts for the Homeless by Michael Scott Pollak
Love My Cigar and My Gramma by Jorge Gaj
Fire in the Wrong Hands by J. Michael Gannon
Boys on the Beach by Michael Gora
Secret Garden by Steven Greenbaum
Queen of Turkey by Michael Gora
Different Views by Chester Ng
Rabbi by Stuart Lieberman
Blacksmith by Glenn Bloodworth
Man Waiting by Nancy Knutson
Lost Mind by Guy Gagnon
The Carpenter by Thomas Phoon
Drag Queens by Peter Madero III
Nazirah by Ron Cooper
Self Reflection by Jon Meyer
Woman In Hat by Pete Hendley
Odette by Robi Chakraborty
Harry Crime Stopper by Michael P. Manheim
Megan by Ken Ball
Bird Girl by Ed Ries
Eva on a Train by Roger Gaess
Observation by Scott Hoyle
The Lookout by Michael Gora
Santal Tribal Groom by Robi Chakraborty
Rear Window by David L. Robertson
Female Hindu Monk by Robi Chakraborty
Be Happy by Ira Serkes