Marie-Therese by Massimo Badolato
Pride by Peter Madero III
Brutus at the Met by William Bullard
Konyak by Robi Chakraborty
Passing By by Bernard Werner
La Dolce Vita by Sheila Bodine
Tucker by Chester Ng
Addisan by Mike-David Bliss
It Hurts So Good by Michael Scott Pollak
Contemplation by Robert P. Gach
Hamar Greeting by Stephen K. Hall
Feba by Ron Cooper
Seller by Robi Chakraborty
Ana by Steve Baroch
Ana by Guy Gagnon
Woman Walking In Market by Bob Neiman
Sara with Fern by Erika Masterson
A Different Stripe by Gwen Solomon
Louie and Human by Michael Gora
Priestly Advice by Sheila Bodine
Keeper by Erika Masterson
Liilia by Rob  Williams
Pilgrim by Robi Chakraborty
Arlo and Son by Michael Gora
Buck by Chester Ng
WW 2 Latvian Legionaire by Wayne Klaw
Watchful Eye by Steve Johnson
Big Fish by Wayne Klaw
Dorji by Ron Cooper
Bullies Leave Scars by David L. Robertson
Sajit by Ron Cooper
Cuban Plasterer by Ira Serkes
Cuban Guide by Bernard Werner
Farmar by Robi Chakraborty