B&W: 2019 Single Image

Travel / People / Places

Man on Bridge by Michael Hart
The Art Institute of Chicago by Dennis W. Ninmer
Quire by John Eaton
The Eiffel Arch by Joe Puglisi
Dawn at Crescent Moon Lake by John Eaton
Ponte Vecchio by Sandy Lloyd
Rapid Transit by Steve Burkett
The Dock by Roger Gaess
Museum Fatigue 4 by Georgiadis Orestis
Extraterestrial 2 by Georgiadis Orestis
Rajasthanis by Robi Chakraborty
Toward the Belfry by Kay Beausoleil
Going Home by Silvestre Machado
Untitled 2 by Krzysztof Brzeski
Hilltop in Snow - Madonna Road by Jon Meyer
The Way by Doug Testa
Farm in Snow - Madonna Road Harford County by Jon Meyer
Road to Tomorrow by Larry Colby
Bloody Day by Mauricio Mendiola
Suspended by William Gleeson
Desert Conquers All by John R. Pepper
Tilting at Windmills by Bernard Werner
Th  Three Towerss by Roger Gaess
The Worker by Pete Hendley
Factory Stack by Visti Kjar
Old Water Tank by Michel Audet
Cave #16 by Mark Heitner
Lunch Break by Marvin Basil
Going Home by Kay Beausoleil
Fenceline by Sandy Lloyd
Scalzi Bridge by Roger Gaess
The Louvre by Visti Kjar
Virginia Morning by Diane Michaud Lowry
Church of Saint Sophia by Ira Serkes
Canal View by Roger Gaess
Salmon Fishing by Don Buelter
Foggy Ride by Rod Rodriguez
Smoke by Michael P. Manheim
Fish Cooperative by William Bullard
Angel Fire by Frank Fuerst
Snow Walker by Kevin Clark
West Lake by David Witten
Moonlit Harbour by Mark Greenland
Calton Hill by Abigail Gossage
Extraterestrial 1 by Georgiadis Orestis
Winter Walk by Nancy Knutson
Museum Fatigue 1 by Georgiadis Orestis
Northbound by Wayne Klaw
Basilica di San Marco by Bernard Werner