B&W: 2019 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Mural by Nathan Caplan
Escape by Ralph Henzler
Coming by Igor Danilov
Old Dodge by Laura DeNardo
Love You by Chris Stump
Gate 635 by Wesley Maye
The Path to Glory by Ken Dreyfack
Untiteld 02 by Willem Bannink
Boat by Sandy Lloyd
Tupolev Tu-144 by Jurgen Dopatka
Pritzker Music Pavilion by Jeffrey Glasser
Listening by Michael F. Corlew
Textures and Light by David L. Robertson
Rope in a Boat by Steve Burkett
Stairs Serene by Scott Hoyle
Athens by Steve Baroch
Stuffed by Norman Robbins
Love Asbury by Marilyn Baldi
Better Days by Bill Sinkovich
Vienna Ferris Wheel by Perry McNeal
Baby Shoes by Susan B. Griffith
Sandstorm by Mark Heitner
The Handle by Michel Andet
Untitled by Larry Gregory
Searching by Bernard Werner
Church Light by Rosemary Williams
Mother's Hands by Sandy Lloyd
Looking Toward the Setting Sun by Arthur Campbell
Ken and the Girls by Rosemary Williams
Homestead by Bob Newman
Caged Dragon by Nelson Wenguer
Pretty Girl by Perry McNeal
Cotton Gin at Dawn by Bob Newman
Ebony Carving by Allan B. Goldstein
Workshop At Losco Belts by Gene Dominique
Chattanooga National Cemetery by Frank Fuerst
Light on Steps by Keith Jonson
Red Hook Bar Scene by Joe Puglisi
Simplicity by Perry McNeal
The Whelk Traverse City by Robert Pool
Walz by Ralph Henzler
Santorini Sunset by Gerald W. Shonkwiler
Bahrain by Ralph Henzler
La Valencia Pool by Sandy Lloyd
Midnight Landing by Steve Burkett
Machinery Ophir Mine by Gary J. Alba
Posted by Tom Green
The Shrine In Aurora Lopez' Living Room by Les Slesnick
Water Drops by Marvin Basil
Reflection in a Mirror by Sandy Lloyd