B&W: 2019 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Two Pairs by Arlene Stanger
Electric Train Wires by Joe Puglisi
Rodeo Ready by Debbie L. Rubin
Laundry Day by Steve Burkett
Split by Dennis Usdan
P3200 by Ralph Henzler
Freeze by Eduardo Garcia
Deportees by Jos V. Desmedt
Rural Fence by Diane Dequevedo Klein
The Mailboxes by Dan Richard Barber
Piece of the Cosmic Void by Marilyn Baldi
Balkan Laundry by Tom Green
Table and Chairs by Bernard Werner
Entrance by Norman Robbins
Headache by Per Erik Langaanes
Windy Beach by Carlos Caruso
Graves - Carmel Mission by Michael Kuznitz
Shredded Curtain in the Wind by Diane Dequevedo Klein
No Time Like The Presence by Karen Commings
The Morning After by Arthur Ammann
Communication From Brooklyn Bridge by John Stritzinger
Dark Hans by Mark Ferguson
Fountain Abstraction by Jerry Kay
Peeling Paint by Marjorie Green
Curious by Paul Hulewicz,
Coupling by Gene Dominique
Superfortress by Tom Sliter
Animals by Shinya Ichikawa
Beyond by Ralph Henzler
Please Do Not Touch by Bernard Werner
Porsches by Francis Elsocht
Ghost Town Church by Susan B. Griffith
Glass Ball 447 by Marty Knapp
A Farmer's World by Marlene Mendez
Untiteld 01 by Willem Bannink
Abandoned Church by Bob Newman
The Wishing Tree by John Stritzinger
Pyramid Building by Wesley Maye
There Must Be Flowers by John Stritzinger
Seed Pod by Arthur Campbell
Recycled Saints by David Thomson
Sumi-e Shadow Study #3 by Saman Majd
Technological Stelae by Bernard Werner
NV Las Vegas I 15 at Spring Mountain Road by Leon Syfrit
Hubcap Heaven by Art Braitman
Strung Out by Liza Hennessey Botkin
Damaged by Marjorie Green
Drop Pod by Tom Sliter
Shipyard Reflections by Robert Schwiebert
Michael by Bob Newman