Diner by Jay King
10_Armelle_Montmorency Paris_June 1968 by William Bullard
Civic Opera House - The Morning After by Fred Poznak
British Rail 1 by Allan R. Lamb
World For Sale by Fred Poznak
Mabel and Steve by Madeline Barden
Welding by Fred Poznak
Palm Trees by Christopher Bolton
Father&Child by Jay King
Project Link by David Welton
Boy in Raincoat Memphis Tn 1967 by C. Al Wood
Rainbow Records by Frank Fuerst
Road Gang by George Siede
Portrait in Prout Chapel by Laurie Nelson
Main Street by Steven Taddei
Man and Truck by George Siede
Priest by Abigail Gossage
North Ave Beach by Donna Preis-Siede
Count Basie by Eli Dimeff
Paramount Theatre by Steven Taddei
Big Brother by Frank Fuerst
Polish teenage servicemen in barracks by Waclaw Przesiecki
The Gate by Allan R. Lamb
Early Morning by Fred Poznak
Prayer by Fred Poznak
Street Musician by Christopher Bolton
Fonda Smoking by Steven Lucas
Standing Nude by Arnold Clayton Henderson
WW2 Polish fighter pilot by Waclaw Przesiecki
ManWithDuck by Jay King
Happy by Samuel H. Brown
The Killmans by Charles F. Hammond