Polish servicemen inside Nissen Barrack by Waclaw Przesiecki
Cobbler by Christopher Cabot
Rubens' Nude by Arnold Clayton Henderson
Grandma's Girl by Steven Lucas
Smiley Face by Mark Fohl
Burmeister og Wain 2 by Poul Herringe
English Swans by Allan R. Lamb
Boy by Christopher Cabot
_Whitman Mayo _Grady_Harlem by Samuel H. Brown
9_Our House by William Bullard
11_Hotel Stella by William Bullard
Storming by Robert Daum
Janelle by Jeff Ryan
_Oh by James W. Stuhler
The boy and the woman eating cotton candy by John R. Pepper
FamilyDinner by Jay King
Sad by James W. Stuhler
Untitled 4 by John R. Pepper
1_Place de la République by William Bullard
Gandy Dance by Steve McMahon
Friends Among the Rubble by Steven Lucas
Still Working by Robert Daum
Deep Thoughts by Samuel H. Brown
Eternity by Laurie Nelson
TwoPeopleOn a Bench by Jay King
Family in Car by Jay King
Geoffrey by Jeff Ryan
_David Cavett_Harlem by Samuel H. Brown
View from the Brouwer Hotel by Jan Pieter van Voorst van Beest
8_Our House by William Bullard
Grover Washington by Wesley Maye
1972 by Laurie Nelson
Stay Back by Frank Fuerst
Polish Bomber Pilots by Waclaw Przesiecki