B&W: 2017 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Adirondack Chairs by Gerry Giliberti
Stormy Sky by Mary F. Ruppert
01 Farmer's Gold by Jurgen Dopatka
Blueberry Barrens by Ann L. Krumrein
Peter Iredale by Ryan Synovec
Plates by Rick Kattelmann
Fence Study by Tony Hertz
Cool by MTO by Rob Haff
Untitled 1 by Pongsatorn Sukhum
Vanishing Point #02 by Mitsu Yoshikawa
Untitled 1 by Anne De Geer
Cumbres & Toltec Railroad 01 by Jim Shoemaker
Rock and Driftwood by Bruce Wehman
4th Lake Sunset by David Patterson
Beach Road by John Van Aken
01 by Mary Doering
Silos by Daniel Ruf
Untitled 1 by Frans Jacob Krebs
Arashiyama Monument by David Ruderman
Abandoned Church by Thomas Wells
Laundry Row by Tom and Marj Green
Clothesline by Michael Knapstein
The Supplicant by Jim Cook
Untitled 1 by Ron Plumhoff
Windy 1 by Bill Sinkovich
At the Depot by Jay Spilker
Bohemia Cam by Bob Stewart
Bridge Detail #1 by Bill Dixon
Living Amid What Was Lost by Roger Gaess
2 Flywheels by Myron Slabaugh
The Dress by Tyler Vance
Cross of the Martyrs by Misha Gregory Macaw
Birdhouse by William L. Witmer
Columbia River Tug by Marc Sheridan