Yoxon by Byron Maldonado S.
Girl with Chuck by Linda Hollinger
Pele's Home by Claudia C. Hagan
Mother and Child by Michael Medrano
Watching TV by John Lewis
Xinic by Byron Maldonado S.
Twirling by Sharon Madden Harkness
Being Curious by Jerry Kay
Attitude by John Lewis
A Boy and His Horse by Ellen G. Ingram
Crossing by Donald Menges
School is Out by Ray Schneider
Him by Kelvin A. Naar R.
First Warm Day by Bernard Werner
Boy in a Boat by Bill Cameron
Water Cycle #1 by Marilyn M. Baldi
Love at First Sight by Jim Cook
Sunday Morning by Barbara J. Holland
Vending Machine by Pal Han
Car by Sharon Madden Harkness
Thrilled by Gift by Byron Annis
Only One by Stephen K. Hall
Baby by Sharon Madden Harkness
Henry by Byron Maldonado S.
4-H by William Bullard
Yum by Chuck Snow
Mother and Child by Michael Medrano
A Disgusto by Carlos Rozensztroch
Young Monk by Doug Steakley