Glacier by Alex Braverman
Washing by Richard Morse
Follow Through by Brian Gilwee
Enjoying the Springtime Sun by Bernard Werner
Angry Man by CJ Pressma
Martin Luther King rally No. 2 by Michael Medrano
Bryant #7 by David L. Robertson
Spring Planting by Elizabeth Wilward
Smiling in Doorway by Gary G. Altman
Getting the Shot by Steven Greenbaum
The Xmas Season Has Just Gotten Too Long by Bernard Werner
Sk8ter by Brian Alan Brose
Alley by Brian Gilwee
Overcome by Stephen K. Hall
Bread Man by Samuel H. Brown
Gentle Pause by Charles Crain
Untitled 3 by Frans Jacob Krebs
White Hat by David L. Robertson
Eyes. Louisville by CJ Pressma
On the Bench by Beata Podwysocka
At the Museum by Elizabeth Wilward
Holocaust Memorial by Richard Morse
Immigrant by Mary Rosevear McNeal
Mask in the Mirror by David L. Robertson
The Dancer by Michael Greig
Arrogancia de origen by Carlos Rozensztroch
Looking Away by Karim Abiali
Street Performer by John R. Kuhn, Jr.
The Mechanic by Ellen G. Ingram
Union by Sheila Bodine
Lost in Thought by Stephen K. Hall
Preparing for Ceremonial Dance by Linda Hollinger
Saying Goodbye to Pegasus by Ellen G. Ingram
Lunch Date by Bob Tapp