Icelandic Horse by Jack Curran
Baboon Baby by Ardian Gill
Stands Alone by Ross Deverson
Izzy the Dog by William Santagata
Big Birds. Little Birds by Arthur J. Ammann
What Are You Doing Mom by Marshall Gould
Inquisitive I by Bernard Werner
Flamingo by Constance Vepstas
5-Hummingbird by Dan Richard Barber
Crouching Tiger by Patrick Binns
Great Egret and Reflection by Daniel B. Zukowski
Leopard Face by Gary G. Altman
Untitled 11 by William Acosta
Delicious by Sanford Davis
Untitled 9 by William Acosta
Swan by Mandy Seligman
Ghost Flock by Norman Robbins
Elephant Handler by Tyler Vance
Elliptical Illusion by Marshall Gould
Formation by Frank Fuerst
The Lion by Rodney Gene Mahaffey
Untitled 3 by Per Erik Langaanes
Lily by Randy Wright
Untitled 19 by William Acosta
Generations Passing by Jason Lucey
Rescued Horse by Sharon Madden Harkness
Monkey by Sharon Madden Harkness
Gull in Flight #1 by Erik Nash
The Egret by Ray Schneider
1-Hummingbird by Dan Richard Barber
The Stallion by Marshall Gould
Take Flight by Tonya Tapp
Pet Rock by Patrick Binns
Morning Mist by Abhi Sur