06 Knight of the KKK by James R. Holland
Untitled #1 by Larry Gregory
Table for Two by Michael Boyer
9. Street Work by Sven Martson
Smoker by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Istanbul #1 by Woody Campbell
Untitled 5 by Burt Allen Solomon
Northside by Richard Serviss
Nude by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
Luxembourg #1 by Woody Campbell
09. Ricki by Sven Martson
20. Hare Krishna by Sven Martson
Door Knob by Allan R. Lamb
14. Street Furniture by Sven Martson
Couple on Bed by Joseph Michael Pizzuto
02. Rick and Ricki by Sven Martson
Princess by Jay King
19. Man in Trenchcoat by Sven Martson
Ladies Leaping by Michael Philip Manheim
Self-Portrait by Jay King
23. Christine Le Duc by Sven Martson
Watching USO Show by Erwin G. Markowitz
Luncheonette by Richard Serviss
08 Southern Ohio by James R. Holland
26. Skaters by Sven Martson
Cobble Hill by Michael Seif
22. Black Cat by Sven Martson
25. Ricki and Ramona by Sven Martson
18. Great Dane by Sven Martson
Reflections 2 by Mati Maldre
Bontoc Street by Ronald Gratz
Mosque by Woody Campbell
Greece #2 by Woody Campbell
Dream by Jay King