Twin Spirts by James R. Holland
Paint Spill by Sven Martson
It Cold Be Worse by Carole Usdan
Storyteller Series by Mary Doering
Kate 1 by Ken Ball
Allegory by Pohan Wu
Beach 1 by Brad Kim
Becoming by Michael Howard
Untitled 10 by James H. Strong
Eye Spy by Tytia Habing
Listening (self portrait) by David Spitzer
Roadside Station of The Cross by Paul Morgan
Lost Identity by Rupinder Brar
The Maturation of Eve 1 Childhood by Raider Schopp
Beyond by Candy Delaney
The Origin 11 by Chi Kwon Choi
The Full Gospel Preacher by Daniel Joder
Branches by Yurik Nestoly
Jack Sullivan by Morgan Post
Caprice 1 by Coralie Fournier-Moris
Converge by Jerry Ranch
Deep in the City by Kazimierz Salwa