B&W: 2016 Portfolio

Portraiture / Children

Boston Beans by James R. Holland
Boy and Shadow by Sven Martson
Noir 2 by Paul Roelofs
GED by Carole Usdan
Untitled 1 by Anne De Geer
Untitled 1 by Curtis Salonick
Barber by Gary Pullar
Books by Ralph Henzler
$599 Sale II by Jan Pedersen
Friends by Albert Zabin
Sandal Maker by Nathan Caplan
Mardi Gras#1 by Steve Siegel
Refugee #1 by Bob Tapp
From Behind by Kenneth C. Evans
Harvest by Marie Juliette Aziz
Adoring Mom by Bruce B. Barshop
In Desperation by Michael Greig
Reaching by Jerry Grasso
Allesandro by Barbara Ford Doyle
Hangzhou by William Bullard
Marketplace by Jack Weingarten
5 Guys by Marilyn Verducci
Concentration by Thomas Phoon
Montana Man by Willow Brown
#419 by Bob Newman
Denise 12 by Jim McKinniss
Beautiful Wisdom! by Eric D. Howard
A Lazy Afternoon by Herminio Alberti
The Soup Kitchen 01 by Patricia Turo
Cafe Bar 1 by Gabriel Leitner
Alex The Shagger by Christina Power
Painting by Jordan Starr
Young Men in the Old City by Paul G. Morozoff
Bed of Leaves by Manuela Thames