Boston Publc Library Extension Foyer by James R. Holland
Chimneys of Andalusia 1 by Vladimir Kabelik
Dormer House by Eugene Renzi
Winter Prairie 8 by Michael Elkan
Silo City #1 by Sam Ward
Higlands by Paolo Ameli
Salton Sea 184 by Jim Shoemaker
Columns - Abandoned Factory by Peter-Andrew Gravina
High Living 01 by Shifra Levyathan
Clock Tower by Nathan Caplan
Courtyard by Tom and Marj Green
Barn Buildings by John F. Doyle
Stairwell by Eric Dillenberger
Untitled 3 by Karen Commings
Afternoon Shadow by Robert Hewgley
Abandoned Dreams by Bob Newman
Palouse 3 by Steven Greenbaum
Urban Shapes Boat by Kerstin Arnemann
Balconies to Heaven by Herminio Alberti
Contemporary Art Museum I by Jack Curran
Boston Church by Len Blau
Abandoned Cabin by Christina Power
Art Museum Geometry by Joe Fretz
Light Geometry by Paul G. Morozoff
Alcove by Carl Geisler
Untitled 1 by Mary Futch
Art of Philadelphia by Igor Danilov
Into The Unknowns by Rupinder Brar
Seawall by Steve Ross Fisher
Night Walk 6 by Sei Yeon Lee
Fort Morgan 1 by Scott Clements
Boomerang by Paula Shur
New York by Gehry by Adam Garelick
2625-2627 by Larry Luckham
Approaching Storm by Daniel Joder
Stairs by Yurik Nestoly
1 Tower by Eli Matityahu
Cathedral Of Notre Dame by Lee Patterson
Untitled #8 by Peter Madero III
Bank of China 1 by Philip Dutch Bagley
Mysterious Staircase by Jerry Hale
Untitled 1 by Milan Bobysud
Library by David S. Bailey
Harpa Hall by Victor Simacek
Deserted Blueberry Farm by Michael Berry
Time of Absence 2 by David Avila-Canamares
The Confluence by Ronald Burnett
Metropolitan Contrast by Nicholas Bell
Downward Spiral by Mark Phillips
West Facade St. Vitus Cathedral by Dave J. Smith