B&W: 2016 Single Image

Cityscape / Street

Passers By by Dennis Fritsche
Fifth Avenue Passage by Wayne Thornbrough
Sand Creek Reflections by Joe Fretz
Commute by Stephane Graciet
Steel Stacks Study#1 by Michael Tucciarone
Wet Snow by Boris Zhitomirsky
Time Square Revival by Wayne Thornbrough
Lower Manhattan by Eric Williams
Rolling Thunder by Kip Kania
Aerie by Bruce Barshop
Lost by Edda Blume
Commerce City Night by Joe Fretz
Sunny Afternoon Stroll by Pak Han
El 1 by Paul A. Conley
Flats No. 8 by Stefano Sagri
Queen Charlie. Amsterdam by Jarret Quinn
Untitled 2 by Andrew Gurthet
Tantrum(s) by Bruce Barshop
Arrow and Line by Susan B. Griffith
Psychic by Terri Marquez
Passerby by Bernard Werner
Taxi Parisien by Daniel Zalewski
The Passage Home by Eric Williams
Rainy Night by Jim Kohatsu
Untitled 4 by Karen E. Curran
Gamblingtwins by Laurence Cuelenaere
Rainy Night On 7th Avenue by Mike Spector
Late Dinner by Edda Blume
231 Paris Photo by Sorin Costache
Nothing to Wait On by Edda Blume
Untitled 5 by Andrew Gurthet
Sunny City by Perry McNeal
Untitled 1 by Andrew Gurthet
Art Institute of Chicago North Garden by Douglas D. Ely