B&W: 2016 Single Image

Cityscape / Street

Take Out by Karen Commings
Muso by Douwe Dijkstra
Party Line by Marvin E. Seiger
Reading the Paper by Edda Blume
Ghost Rider by Marshall Gould
What by Carlos Marchand
Steam Clouds by Gwen Solomon
Shadows Across Pont d'Iéna by Ellen G. Ingram
Untitled 3 by Andrew Gurthet
Moon over the Steel Stacks by Michael Tucciarone
State News by Terry Pytlarz
Bilbao Reflected by Lynne Mass
Polished by John Eaton
Move It by Bruce Barshop
Viaduct by Terry Pytlarz
The Message by Lynne Mass
Untitled 2 by Karen E. Curran
Smoking Break by Jack Delmonte
Trinity River Flood by Rosie Kingsbury
Steel Stacks Study #4 by Michael Tucciarone
Sunny Isles Skyline by Steven Greenbaum
Untitled 4 by Andrew Gurthet
Paper Boy by Jack Delmonte
Central Park by Matthew Mu
Washington Square Park by Matthew Mu
Beacon Hill in the Rain by Takamori Tsuji
Elles by Stephane Graciet
No Bull by Bruce Barshop
Centenial Gateway by Edwin Close
Untitled 7 by Karen E. Curran
Vancoucver Couple by James Arzente
Nightshift by Randy Wright
Ronaldos in the Rain by Marvin E. Seiger
Untitled 2 by Michael Boyer
Girl Smoking by Jack Delmonte
Woman with Ravens by Dolores Smart
Using Umbrella on Sunny Day by William Acosta
The Curious Concerned Citizen by Marshall Gould
Back Alley in Otaru by Larry Chan
Chicago River View by Douglas D. Ely
Roma No. 6 by Stefano Sagri
SF Bay Bridge by Roger Lieberman
Toboggan Drivers Madeira by Frans Jacob Krebs
Bay Street Afternoon by Wayne Thornbrough
Laughter is the Best Medicine by Karen Commings
City Shadows by Gwen Solomon
Wedding District 4 by Randy Wright
Cinderella(s) by Bruce Barshop
Under the Umbrella by Pak Han
Untitled 6 by Andrew Gurthet