B&W: 2015 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Scotland 12 by Rick Kramer
Cafe Shadows by Melinda Wheeler
Untitled 01 by Eric Newnam
Vienna Water Tower by Len Blau
On the Waterfront by Neil M. Becker
Antique Chair by Rod Mountain
At the Well by Peter D. Erhard
Lizzie by Frank Fuerst
Just Another Roadside Attraction by William Fields
Toxic Shock 1 by Steve Moretti
Irrigation Wheel by Scott Joshua Dere
Bennys Slicker by Lee Gordon
Shattered Life by Walter Lesus
A Clandestine Liaison by Les Allen
Nautilus by Rob Linsalata
Wood on Ruby Beach by Scott Pollock
Sidewalk High Chair by Mike Baker
Beetle in the Tunnel by Brunel Galhego Ricci
Father Crowley by Lloyd Baggs