B&W: 2015 Portfolio

Still Life / Objects

Billboard by Stephan Elko
After the Fall by Jess H. Hardcastle
Day at Mountain View Farm 1 by Alberto Nasti
Victoria Made in China by Bob Fischer
Automata 1 by Scott A. Brill
Bud Vase by John Kosboth
Garden Wall Mail Slot by Rick Chertoff
Changing Times by Brenda Doucette
Dark Garden by Carol MacLeod
Church Bench by Suzanne Schwartzmann
Fabric by Bill Collins
Danny Boy by Jessica Wolfe
The Circle Train 1 by Matilde Marie Simas
December Morning Walk #6 by Richard Serviss
Lunch by David J. Nelson
Bear Wood by Trevor R. A. Dingle
Frozen in Time by Mihai Florea
Ave Maria by Mike Holtz
Herramientas de trabajo by George Miller
Subway Call by David Lykes Keenan
Carolina 89 by Chris Bruner
Angel by Cristina Ellis
Crypt by Vicki Weiss
2008 Cork by Kenyon Blower
King Dick by Stephen Hodgetts
Urban 1 by Gabriel Leitner
Quiet Places 10 by Paul Griffin
1435mm by Ralph Henzler
Circular Door Handle Reflections by Maurice Leatherbury
Time Served 1 by Don Burke
Untitled 1 by Scott Montgomery
Bones by Cheryl Quick
Not in Kansas Anymore by Jon Evan Glaser
Hanging Laundry by Talbot Easton Selby