Our Old Girl Princess by Peter Ingrasselino
Mama's Love by Sorin Costache
Reflective Solitude by Willard Hutt
Mystery by Cheryl Quick
Bone Structure by Willow Brown
Patient Leopard by Bob Bader
The Look by Anya Sergeev
Pesci rossi by Massimo Pedriali
Duck in a Pond by Megan Schroeder
Pan of Fish by Lee Grossman
Bird Bath by Gary Wagner
Busy Bee Aquatic Gardens 2 by Willard Hutt
Water Monitor Reflection by Evan McBride
American Bison by Ernesto Beall
Seagull by Cara Niazi  www.photographybycara.com
Cody by Timothy Floyd
Dog Obeying Law by Art Shay
Ghostly Gulls by Nathan Caplan
Elegant Dining by Marshall Gould
Jets and wings by John Howard
Reflection on the Walk by Ronaldo Pichardo
Contact by Ricky Lesser
Inner Life by Herminio Alberti
Animals We Love by Sorin Costache
New Zealand Falcon by Evan McBride
Weather Mane by Marshall Gould
Forgotten Icons by Mary Aiu
Bison 4 by Ed Drake
A Steady Gaze IV by Curtis Choonshick Choe
Brown Bear and Seagull by Timothy Floyd
Hidden Cat by Jihyeu Chen
Japanese Macaque in Hot Spring by Evan McBride
Stampede! by Bernard Werner
The Encounter by Patricia Ramaer