B&W: 2014 Portfolio

Cityscape / Street

F.  in Europe no 1 by Pierre Laroche
Le Nostre Mani by Michael R. Stimola
Mural by Thomas G. Hocker
The Streets of Saigon by Jerry Bosworth
To Have and Have Not 1 by Jim Lustenader
Crozat by Mary Tuggle
Pulse of the City by Doug Bisson
Atlantic City #10 - Psychic by Jeff Wiles
5PM in Old Havana by Joyce Chadwick
Bodyguard by Vladimir Frumin
Reflexion #3 by Carl Hurens
Chelsea by Eddie Wexler
Big Fellows Palace Restaurant by Phillip A. Windell
DUMBO Waterfront by Rita Pignato
Chinatown by Thomas S. Parry
Bourbon Street by Kirsten Whatley
City-3 by Alan Hans
CTA Station Chicago 1 by Michael Fleischhacker
Crash Dummy by Bob Tapp
Don't Stand Too Close by Dolores Smart
Back Kick by Thomas E. Silvey
Fashion Police by Michael Ernest Sweet
4th of July Celebrations Detroit #1 by Scott Clarke
Passing by 1 by Jurgen Grade
City at Night 1 by Nataly Rader
Hope and Hannity by Bruce B. Barshop
Browns Country Store by Michael Parvin
Untitled 1 by Bill Moy
2.3. Hanging Out by Jon Yungkans
Enough Said Rialto by Bruce Nichols
Planned Pare by Michael Skaggs
El Cucuy by Conrado Gonzalez
Barricades by William Bullard
Marked Territory by Stanley Olivera