B&W: 2014 Portfolio

Travel / People / Places

Badger-Cadger 1 by Michelangelo Viterbo
911 Memorial (2) by William Bullard
Balcony by Laurence Siegel
La Culture du Riz by Guy Belleville
The Hideout by Teresa Baber
Early Morning Light by Jim Hanks
Industry Culture by Terence Jones
Come Fly with Me by Chris Townsend
Carmel Beach by Wendy Ferrero
Friedrich Strasse by Eloise Patrick
N Train to Brooklyn by Paul Braverman
Untitled 1 by Marc Sheridan
Fishing Bound by Richard Quesnel
Shadow Walkers 1 by Tom Kredo
Untitled 12 by Hui-won Ryu
The Passerby by Mark Drew
Early Morning on the Res by Michael Gaylord James
Fisherman and Shark by Jay Koppelman
Souveniers and Films by Robert Lee Clark
Sacred Valley by Gerald Kenneth Wood
Abandoned Texaco by Nash Lawrason
Dual Tunnel by Nick Fury
Bailing by Wayne D. Buhr
Badlands 1 by Jessica Lutz
Untitled by Al Sugerman
Adventurers by Nicolas Grandmangin
Cape Romano by Joseph Parisi
Consecrated 12 by Andre Paxiuta
Endless by Steve Wolowitz
Barn by Silas Toney
Dark Mood by Mihai Florea
Allowance by Ted Anderson
Dreams by Chelynn Sheehan
Lounge Lens 11 by Mark A. Bernhardt
Two People Over the Ocean by Robert Budniak
Untitled 10 by Jihoon Kim
In Wintertime by Svein Nordrum
Destination by Jennifer Vance
Glenn Highway by Kelly Gray
Candles by Vasiliki Georgiou
Untitled 3 by Pearse Saines Pinch
Carefreeness by Laurence Garcon
Battle of Aiken by Alan George
Canal at Hagley Powder Works by Howard Nepo
Beach by Alain Labbe
Balade in Hyde Park by Anne Setlakwe
Abandoned Rancheria by Ernesto Beall
Ghost Town by Nick Carulli
The Tree Of Life by Jamel Shabazz
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery by Charles C. Berkeley