Broken Glass by Marj Green
Cooling Tower 5 and 6 by RW Hawkins
New Jersey Meadowlands 1 by Michael R. Stimola
Locked Out by Tom Green
Oia Santorini BW 1239 by Bob Neiman
Sneakers and Warehouse by Mitch Nelles
Ani 3 by Charles F. Mason
A Way Out by Mary Tuggle
Bridges of Chicago by Doug Bisson
La Défense 01 by Silvestre Machado
Atlantic City #2 - 99 Cents by Jeff Wiles
Crumbling Beauty by Joyce Chadwick
Reflexion #9 by Carl Hurens
Villa Panza 1 by Paolo Ameli
Brooklyn Heights by Rita Pignato
Old and New by Thomas S. Parry
Bird On A Building by James A. Crawford
Cleveland Flats 14 by Stefano Sagri
Abstract-12 by Alan Hans
The Heat Geometries 4 by Roberto Frieri
Cathedral Doorway by Tom and Marj Green
Cheese Grater Building by Bob Tapp
Reflections by Dolores Smart
North Of Route 80-002 by R.D. Smith
Grace Cathedral by Dominic Martello
City at Night 2 by Nataly Rader
Boynton Beach Inlet by Sandra Canning
White on White 1 by Lois Alexander-Mandel
Untitled 1 by Ronald J. Zeytoonian
Circus Tent by Tyler Vance
Angles in The Sun by Karen H. Colbert
Different Perspective by Michael Parvin
Albuquerque Downs by Aldo Jadrnicek
Moving With Purpose 3 by Jarrett Quinn Hlady
1.1. Korean Friendship Pagoda in Fog by Jon Yungkans
Abandoned by Michael Weitzman
100 Year Church by Bruce Nichols
Taos Pueblo-10 by William L. Witmer
What's Next  #1 by Kathy Conway
Aria Hotel by Evan Powell
Hotel Jardin by Conrado Gonzalez
Lanzarote Palme 451 by Massimo Pedriali
Reflections 1 by Stephane Graciet
Rice Storage 1 by Charlotte Bryson
Camel Kervansaray Stairway by Alan H. Simmons
Burj Khalifa Study No.13 by Kirk Marshall
Moonrise over San Francisco de Assis by Jim Hanks
Jennifer's Place by Chris Townsend
Donne e Uomini by Eloise Patrick
Pont de Bir-Hakeim II by Jeffrey Berman