B&W: 2014 Single Image

Pattern / Texture

To the Left by Marco R. Casalino
Flounder by Joe Washington
Bhudda's hand by Mathieu Bauwens
Hidden Grotto by Don Jacobson
Untitled 1 by James Fitzgerald
Leaves by MariAnne MacGregor
Dune Trance by Michael Weitzman
Cobwebs by Lee Grossman
Leaf Skeleton by Marco R. Casalino
Stairway by Richard K. Jolliffe
Tree Bark 2 by Sorin Costache
Reflections by Jaron Arboleda
Sand Storm by Rajmund Rajch
Planters by Barbara Bender
Tracks In Snow 2 by Joseph Romeo
Snake by Marco R. Casalino
Inner Earth 10 by Jeremiah Cogan
Nylon Netting by Allan Goodman
Flowing by Vincent L. Lawson
Path to History by Herminio Alberti
Ghiaccio Lago Braess by Massimo Pedriali
Sand Leafs by Darrell Sano
Creek by Lu Zhang
Cypress Flame by Evan Powell
Aged Wood by Bob Johnson
Parking Lot by William Brennan
Experientiis by Petr Travkin
Roadside Rock Near Landers Corners by JW Johnston
Music under the Carpet by Andreas Engelmann
Arrangements 4 by Jerry Grasso
Mud Cracks by Christina Heliker
Untitled 3 by Toni Pieczonka
Untitled 2 by James Fitzgerald
Camouflage by Susan B. Griffith