B&W: 2014 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Untitled 2 by Toni Pieczonka
Portrait in the Sand by Andreas Engelmann
Oops! 1 by John M. Dos Santos
Anticipation by Mariam Hayrapetyan
Oops! 2 by John M. Dos Santos
Untitled by Cris Constantinescu
Asparagus by Richard Tucker
Diner Door by Nathan Caplan
Cracked by Elaine Jones Heron
Old Trains at the Final End Station by Lars Hyttinen
Tattered by Karen H. Colbert
Hauntingly Familiar by Rosemary Williams
Chandelier by Mary Woodman
Wind by Paul Sokal
Cody Vase #2 by Edwin Close
Three Eggs by Judy Yemma
Seminarians Bedroom by Patricia Galagan
Tea Time by Peter Erhard
Glades Edge by Rich Smukler
Rope on Stanchion by Maurice C. Leatherbury
Input by Dennis H. Miller
Lost Poets by Hugh Jones
Untitled 1 by Ron Plumhoff
Water Conduit by Edward Sherline
New England Antiquity by Marshall Gould
Fisherman II by Oscar Suazo
Heading Home by Ken Sklute
Statue of Nun by Michael Medrano
Wing No 1 by Steve Burkett
The Weaver by Ari Plosker
And the Kitchen Sink by Robert Steffen
Land II by McGinnis Leathers
Aedicule by Ricardo Lazzaretti
Forks by Jackie Chunko