B&W: 2014 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Wiring Instructions by Lea Rutherford
Lawn Ornament by David Guidas
Infinity by Ran Xu
Carousel Portrait #7 by Bob Ashley
B-52 by Bill Sinkovich
Double C Stable by David L. Wallace
Cambodia 3 by Mark Adams
Fountain in Victory Park by Maurice C. Leatherbury
Storm Brewing by Karen H. Colbert
Anchor by Cris Constantinescu
Dummy by Mickie Rosen
Monster in the Closet by Stanley Olivera
Saddle by Carolyn Cogan
Bunk House by Edward Sherline
Brownie by McGinnis Leathers
Night Train by Natalie Morawsky
Staked by Jim and Anne Mitchell
Shoes by Carole Usdan
Deserted Farm by Rajmund Rajch
Mi Amas Vin 2 by Marcelo Buainain
Light Bird by John F. Doyle
Large Lathe by Bryson Leidich
Untington Industries by RW Hawkins
Normandie American Cemetery 2 by Benton F. Murphy
Gas Station on Old RT 66 by Carolyn Cogan
Moonshine by Jess H. Beal
Window by Barbara Bender
Balloon Dog in Chrome by Mary Woodman
Acacia by Ralph Henzer
Hot Rod by Sanford Davis
Captured Golden Fruit by Joe Cressman
One Last Tune by Allan Goodman
Framed by Ken Sklute
Chair by En Yong Lin