B&W: 2014 Single Image

Still Life / Objects

Reflections by Robert A. Dawson
Cat Skull in a Bowl by Joel Kubicki Jr.
Fueling Station by Tom Green
Untitled 09 by Claudia Baptista Moreira de Freitas
Library by Patricia Galagan
Handsup Creature by Stanley Olivera
The '52 by Megan M. Crumley
The Mask by Silvestre Machado
Untitled by Dan Richard Barber
Pacific Theaters by Jon Yungkans
Untitled #18 by Ari Plosker
Herringbone by Milicska Jalbert
Christina's Crib #2 by Mary Woodman
Store Model by Peter Madero III
Calling Card of the Knight of Lost Souls by Lars Runar
The Dinner Train by Marshall Gould
Out Of Business by Harold A. Kuskin
Topside by Yui
Mooball Cafe by Mark Lacey
Lost Tractor by Jack McGonigle
Animals by Shinya Ichikawa
Hand by Carole Usdan
Untitled 1 by Toni Pieczonka
Three Pans by Marj Green
Nostalgia by Ken Lorenz
Electric by Jerry Berry
Womb by Marc Sheridan
The Door by Lea Rutherford
Sculptor's Studio by Peter Erhard
Stream by Michael Rontal
Sacred River 6 by Marcelo Buainain
Benches by Michael Padilla
Fence by Gilbert Maker
Sierra Cabin by Tom Green