B&W: 2013 Portfolio

Flowers / Plants / Fruits

seaoats by Allen Griggs
MorikamiFlowers1 by Coelina Jones
the end by Bailey J. Salamanca
Alligator Flag by Barry J. Merluzzo
Abstract Cactus Flower by Chris Thornton
1 Twilight Reflection by Marcia Schulman Martin
Artichoke by Dan Miller
Apple Blossom by Heidi Muller
Wetlands  01 by Art Herman
Elephant by Michael E. Woodward
Amaryliis Emergent 1 by David E. Wolf
Succulent by Mark Coggin
Atlantic Driftwood by Steven W. Martin
Bells by Peter Charles Labrosse
2Q12 by Miranda Chan
calalily by Ella Schreiber
Untitled 12 by Dominika Kochaneck
Calla LIly #1. Santa Fe by Shelly Moore
Meadow Light by Roy Money
Banana Leaves by Mitsu Yoshikawa
In the Garden 11 by Marie Jonsson
Ghost Stump by Robert Rohn
SL101a.Inglewood by Gregory Talley
Awakening by Brent A. Schoenfeld
Horsemint Flower by William Rainey
Altar by Liao Jung-Chan
Botanical Crash Landing by Sydni Indman
Seagrass by Robert Hopkins
Blooms by Pat Parth
LAKE KEECHELUS #1 by Michael D. Frey
Uprooted Orange Beach by Kyle Willson
untitled 059 by Michael W. Scherlacher
Alligator Juniper Tree by David S. Hansen
American Mandrake by Bill Dixon