B&W: 2013 Single Image

Pattern / Texture

Palm Leaves by Jim Kelly
Angel Sketch 2 by Dinah Satterwhite
Untitled 1 by Benjamin Liew
How the Cracks Talk by Laurits Haaning
Limestone by James Fitzgerald
Wood Fence by Michael Stoklos
Angry Stump by Frederick A. Kaufman
River Ice by Robert Schwiebert
Vernal Pool #1 by Mary Woodman
Whirlwind by Barbara Bender
Manhole Cover 29 by Scott Hoyle
Coral by Cem Boyner
Ice #2 by Lu Zhang
Under Construction by William R. West Jr.
Angel Sketch 1 by Dinah Satterwhite
Ribbon and Paper by Izalia Roncallo
Light Approach by Dinah Satterwhite
Repeat after Me by Patricia Postma
Holocaust Memorial by Ralf Palm
Bow Wave by Ralf Palm
Creations by Jeff Irwin
Charred by Carol Straubel
Somewhere by Laurits Haaning
Roadsign #1 by William Brennan
Birth of a Nation by Miroslav M. Vrzala
Scratch 1 by Walter F. Piper
Untitled 2 by Zsuzsanna Sterl Hernandez
Black Rocks by Steve Burkett
Feminine Cloud 2 by Loretta Lanzisera
Abstraction A by Michael Rosella
Divided Highway by Chip Bulgin
Bell Tower by Jeremiah Cogan
The Wave - detail by Ari Plosker