Nevada Cowboys by Jeff Ross
Deer and Box by Dan Plunkett
Prehistory Reflected by Michael Flicek
Kiska by Deon Reynolds
Blackbird by Jerry Hass
Untitled by Vasyl Kryvenko
Path to the Third Hill by Sandy Olson
Drinking Buddy by Kaye Carr Hargis
Swan by Jerry Hass
Black Cloak by Jeremiah Cogan
Zebra by Steve Ryf
Lookout by Peter Charles LaBrosse
Moss Frog by Dan Plunkett
Bull Bison by Ernie Husulak
No Vacancy by William Brennan
Untitled 2 by Shawn Hays
Longhorn Stroll by Dan Richard Barber
Treasure of a Cimarron by Pedro Genaro Rodriguez
Spirit Rising Charleston by Shawn Hays
Zzz by Aniela Chertavian
Ruby by Elizabeth Rand
The Gate by Bruce R. Croffy
End of a Hard Day by Becky Chapman
Cow 1 by Yves Perton
Reflections by Jenn Lawrence
Face of Innocence by Claire Mallett
Abby by Beth Forman
An Egret Breeding Display by Edie Hinckley
Mother Nature by Kimi Miller
Frog by Dan Plunkett
Streeeetch by Marvin E. Seiger
Lullaby by Pedro Genaro Rodriguez
Lion Jr by Maria-Helena Markkula
North Side of the Lake by Sandy Olson